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Development (Unit 9)
Raised without Gender
VIDEO 2: Human Sexuality Is Complicated
Gay or Straight? Part 3
Gay or Straight? Part 2
Gay or Straight? Part 1
Runaway Trolley
Moral Dilemmas
The Heinz Dilemma
Piaget and Stage 1: Sensorimotor and Object Permanence
Piaget and Stage 2: Lack of Conservation
Three Mountain Task: Piaget's Preoperational Stage
Piaget and Stage 3: Conservation
Piaget and Stage 4: Formal Deductive Reasoning
Piaget & Vygotsky Comparison
Trolley Problem & Self Driving Cars
Ted Talk: Trolley Problem
Transgender Children
The Science of Neglect
Babies Documentary
Still Face Experiment
It's a Girl! It's a Boy!
Harlow's Monkeys and Attachment
Ainsworth and the Strange Situation Experiments
Child of Rage: Attachment Disorder