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Class Agendas and Resources
Day 16: 2 Test
Day 15: Review for Unit 2 Test
Day 13-14: Debrief Simulation and watch Human Flow
Day 12: Simulation Day 2
Day 11: Simulation Day 1
Day 10: Ambassador Project and Intro to Simulation
Day 8-9: Map Quiz and Ambassador Project Work Time
Day 7: Migration
Day 6: The Demographic Transition Model
Day 5: Population Pyramids
Day 4: Analyzing Population Demographics
Day 3: Understanding the Global Population
Day 2: Current Issue: Family Separation
Day 1: Unit 2 Intro
Unit 2 Population and Migration TEST
Population PRACTICE Vocab Quiz
Migration PRACTICE Vocabulary Quiz
Unit 2 Test Format
Post Simulation Discussion Questions
International Migration Crisis Simulation
Latin and South America Map Quiz
Practice Maps and Website
How do you decide where to go in a zombie apocalypse?
What does it mean to be a refugee?
To access your online textbook:
Population Pyramids