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Supplemental Videos
Thinking and Language Powerpoint Video
Deja Vu
Sleep to Remember...
CLive Wearing, part 2A Living Without Memory
Clive Wearing, Part 2B Living Without Memory
Clive Wearing, Part 2c Living Without Memory
Ted Talk: Loftus
Jill Price: The Woman Who Could Not Forget
Loftus: Lost in a Shopping Mall
TED Talk: Scott Fraser on Eyewitness Testimony
Babies Babbling
Malcom Gladwell on Intuition
How Babies Learn Language
Genie: A Wild Child and Language Acquisition
The Linguistic Genius of Babies
Genie: Secret of the WIld Child Part 2
Remembering & Forgetting
How We Make Memories
TED ED: Hippocampus
TED ED: How memories form
Ronald Cotton, Part 2
Hippocampus and Memory
The Mystery of Memory
The Boy with the Incredible Brain Part 1
Daniel Tammet
Deja Vu
The Bunny Effect
Functional Fixedness?
The Girl in the Window