For the time being the Monthly Calendar, Grades, and Reports Card widgets will be disabled in the Portal to help further improve performance. Students and Parents will still be able to access that information through the individual Class. Currently, we do not have an estimated time as to when they will be brought back. Updates will be provided as soon as they are available. Thank you for your patience. Our apologies for any disruption this may cause.
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Review for February 11 Test
Test Information
Key Ideas: Unit C, Activities 32 - 40
Practice Quizzes
Link to Plague Video
Act. 37: Germ Theory PPT
History of Germ Theory Timeline
Plant v. Animal Cell Comparison
Animation of Molecule Movement
Unit C Test Review for Pear Deck
Vocab words to know
Activity 34 Mini-quiz
Activity 33 Mini-quiz
Gizmos: Disease Spread MQ